Managed to get my hands on the Microsoft Hololens and completed a project using it. Development is with Unity so that was an easy enough thing to do. The Holotoolkit is you best friend for Hololens development. Some tips learnt along the way ·         Do not modify the Holotool kit code, since it gets updated […]

After developing AR based apps for a while and seeing all the available ones out there, I have formed some opinions as to what makes a good AR app. I can see lots of AR applications developed, but very few of them are popular and in my opinion, the reason for that is most of […]

Kept AR in the back burner for some time to focus on an mobile app solution. Was kind of surprised that’s there was not much help available on the net for the scenario I was facing. Was even more surprised that Microsoft support did not help much; we raised a ticket and had discussions for […]

After creating quite a few demos and including some gimmicks as explained in the previous posts, the wow effect decreases and people are more interested in the usefulness of this. So, I began exploring how this could provide some business impact. Since some of our customers works in the hospitality sector, we started to think […]

AR as a technology has been there for quite some time and I was doing some research on what creates the wow effect and actually sell. Since gaming is not a domain I was in, I could not rely much on that part. I was looking at what sort of solutions would actually wow people […]

So as part of my new role have decided to take up Augmented reality. I have tried out AR earlier and have a lot of ideas but did not get time to take up. I had been using a tool called LayAR but it looks pretty limited in its capabilities so on the quest for […]

So how easy is it to mobile enable a SharePoint 2013 site that has been built without any mobile capability? The favorite answer, as usual, it depends. In my case we had to bring a mobile capability in a site developed SharePoint 2013 Foundation. The site had initially been developed by a awesome set of folks who followed MS […]