Different Realities

So as part of my new role have decided to take up Augmented reality. I have tried out AR earlier and have a lot of ideas but did not get time to take up. I had been using a tool called LayAR but it looks pretty limited in its capabilities so on the quest for a new tool.

Going through the web, looks like there was a tool called MetaIO that has been gobbled up by Apple and no longer available. Wikitude is another one that seems to be popular, along with Vuforia, both of which are free for development. ARToolkit is an open source one, but gave that a skip, thinking about support issues that may crop up in case we have to deploy in projects. Wikitude was one up on Vuforia with the fact that they had Geo based AR features, which was not available with Vuforia, however Vuforia had support for Unity, which meant I could develop once and publish across multiple platforms, which is crucial in the type of work we were doing since we may want to install on customers or sales people’s phones to try out. So Vuforia was the winner. Another factor that helped in finalizing Vuforia was the plethora of resources and help available on both Unity and Vuforia. I have been trying it out for some days now and I was able to install, configure and test out the basics in just a couple of days thanks to all the info out there. Hoping the same experience will continue once I start with more complex scenarios.


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