Creating useful AR Apps

After creating quite a few demos and including some gimmicks as explained in the previous posts, the wow effect decreases and people are more interested in the usefulness of this. So, I began exploring how this could provide some business impact.

Since some of our customers works in the hospitality sector, we started to think of some use cases for them, also given the fact that that industry is all about impressing people. Once concept we came up with is bringing their visiting cards to life. On one side of their card the name of the manager along with his contact details was printed and on the other side we had the name and logo of the hotel. We built an app which on scanning the front side of the card would bring up the manager’s photograph  along with some other details, and a few buttons, for call, email and book hotel. Clicking on those buttons would take the user to the phones, dialling app, open up the default email client with the name email of the hotel populated and the hotels booking page respectively. The experience of talking a card, scanning it and clicking a button is much better than looking at a card and typing in a number or email, and getting it right the third time 😀.

On the backside of the hotel we augmented the 3D model of the hotel. Although this did not serve any business need, it was something that we were sure that people would use to show off to their friends as to the place they were in for the summer vacation and also encourage people to collect such cards for the different outlets, so a good marketing tactic. Since the hotel chain we were targeting had very impressive architectures and layout for their properties this was even more impactful.

Looking at the extremely favourable responses after doing demos of this to people both in the hospitality industry as well as others I think I need to come up with more ideas in the same line.


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