Giving a WOW experience

AR as a technology has been there for quite some time and I was doing some research on what creates the wow effect and actually sell. Since gaming is not a domain I was in, I could not rely much on that part. I was looking at what sort of solutions would actually wow people regardless of if they have seen AR solutions before or for the first time as well as make business sense. LayAR had an impressive demo of their magazine where it looked like their CEO just started talking from the magazine cover directly  and they did have some detailed explanation on how it was achieved. I suppose I would go that route when making something more professional, however for the demo I had there was not that much time or resources available.

I built something similar making use of a basic video editing tool- Microsoft movie maker and had the same effect. What I did was I choose the starting frame of the video I was planning to play and used that as the tracker.

One thing I realized to make a good effect is once the marker is detected do not start playing the video immediately. Putting the marker frame in the initial part of the video with a few seconds pause before starting the motion gives that even better effect of the video actually playing on the paper. On viewing the paper through the mobile app, the video is actually placed on top of the tracker in the same location, and with the first few seconds of the video just showing the tracker, giving an impression that nothing has happened. Then when the video/ animation actually starts, it just blows people away 😀.


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