Best Practices for an AR app (According to me :))

After developing AR based apps for a while and seeing all the available ones out there, I have formed some opinions as to what makes a good AR app. I can see lots of AR applications developed, but very few of them are popular and in my opinion, the reason for that is most of them are attention grabbers and not really attention keepers. The question developers should be asking themselves is what benefit is the user getting by utilizing his camera (battery drain) and showing things with the background of the real world (poor readability/UI). For eg. Showing product information once an object is scanned does not really warrant the need for AR. You might as well just scan a QR code and redirect the  user to a good looking screen, why bother with AR.

My point of view is for AR apps, that the need for augmentation should be clear and stand out clearly. One such app that I had developed was for navigation. Instead of showing a Google Maps sort of view, we came up with an app that appeared to show arrows on the ground indicating the direction a person has to go when looking at the floor through the app. Just showing arrows makes it difficult for people to understand moving up stairs or deciding on which place to go to with multiple exits close to each other. Having arrows that look like they are placed on the floor and asking people just to flow then like Hansel and Gretel following the bread crumb trail seems to be a fun but useful thing to have.

For all projects going ahead, I am going to keep this in mind to decide on what sort of project actually makes sense with AR.



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