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Mobilizing SharePoint

Kept AR in the back burner for some time to focus on an mobile app solution. Was kind of surprised that’s there was not much help available on the net for the scenario I was facing. Was even more surprised that Microsoft support did not help much; we raised a ticket and had discussions for […]

Mobile Enabling a SharePoint site

So how easy is it to mobile enable a SharePoint 2013 site that has been built without any mobile capability? The favorite answer, as usual, it depends. In my case we had to bring a mobile capability in a site developed SharePoint 2013 Foundation. The site had initially been developed by a awesome set of folks who followed MS […]

Aspire to do more..

Not sure who said this, but found it pretty thought provoking. “Your cell phone has more computing power than all of NASA in 1969. NASA launched a man to the moon. We launched a bird into pigs.” Are we under-utilizing the technology that we are loaded with? Talking about under-utilization, anyone seen those ads Micromax […]

Proactive knowledge management – Selling knowledge in the organization

KM systems should be implemented so that it enables users to do their work well, and not just act as help manual. Here is my post on the topic at Mindtree blogs

Using SharePoint 2013? Use Search !!

Most people buy SharePoint for the features that its known the most for – Collaboration, WCM, team sites etc. However very few actually make use of all the features that are available with it. The feature having the most potential to radically change the effectiveness of the existing SharePoint implementation in my view is search. […]

SharePoint 2013 top features

So here is a run down what I feel are the most important new features in SharePoint 2013 based on customer needs that I have come across. I had a similar post when SharePoint 2010 was launched and the principles for feature list is the same – removing the hype and just getting into the core. […]

How SharePoint 2013 will help in Microsoft’s quest for world dominance

Its been a few months since SharePoint 2013 has been officially launched, and although I did not get a chance to go through all aspects of it, I did come across quite a lot of new features that customers had asked for quite a long time (and developers had wished for :)). I would publish them in […]