HoloLens Development

Managed to get my hands on the Microsoft Hololens and completed a project using it. Development is with Unity so that was an easy enough thing to do. The Holotoolkit is you best friend for Hololens development.

Some tips learnt along the way

·         Do not modify the Holotool kit code, since it gets updated frequently, but override as per need (pretty obvious right?)

·         Use simple 3D objects, the Hololens does not have enough capability to render complex objects

·         For some reason using the Mobile Unlit shader gave a better performance than the StandardFast shader that came with the Holotoolkit. Disadvantage is that we cannot achieve transparency with it

·         Assume that sharing would be required from the beginning. Although initially it may not be required, almost always people would want to have it, and best design for it in the beginning than spend time refactoring the code later

·         When designing interactions, plan for minimal actions by the user. Tap and Pinch actions are not as intuitive as it looks like for inexperienced users


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