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AAM example when using Load Balancer

Thought I’d put this out since although there are many posts on this over the Internet I have not found a good example. Knowledge about AAMs are important for any SharePoint administrator First read this  If all that is to hard to digest and all you have is two servers and one load balancer […]

Site Structure: Web Apps vs Site Collections vs Subsites

With MOSS it is not uncommon for people to have doubts on how to structure sites since there are multiple options and each one offers flexibility in terms of managing different sets of permissions, UI customization etc. Here are my thoughts on this subject. Lets assume we need a site and start off with a […]

Variation issues

Jeremy Jameson has published a blog with some pretty distrubing info on issues with MOSS variations. Surprised to find it published in the MSDN site.

Publishing site – Pages, pages and more pages

There are certain things that you would wish that MOSS could do and we get a thought;”… if only it could do just this as well….” One instance I had seen of this is regarding publishing pages all getting into the same folder called “Pages” and no where else. Let say I wanted to create […]

Expiration Policy workarounds

We had a requirement for which we needed to hook up an alert with the document library that would fire at some point in time. The scenario was to have a capability to have a repository in which contracts could be stored and mails sent out to the contract management group a month or so […]

I don’t wanna See all Site Content

Recently I came accross a instance where the user did not want to see the View All Site content link above the quick links. Can’t blame him. After making the UI look as business friendly as possible, clicking on the View All Site Content would spit out a list of document libraries and lists categorized according to the […]

Finally a tool for creating BDC App definiton files

This seems to be long over due. After all reading the hype that MS puts around BDC its a disappointment once a person tries to implement it and realize that he would have to write out a huge XML file to get it working. Not very nice. One had to rely on a third party tool […]