Content Deployment Issues

One word of advice for anyone going for a major MOSS implementation – Have a set of PSS tickets handy. Or atleast have a mechanism to raise a ticket with Microsoft. Microsoft does not charge you if the problem you raise is due to a bug in their product so make sure that there is nothing going wrong from your side before you raise the ticket.

So far we have bumped into two issues, the recent one being something pretty obvious, don’t know why this was not raised before.

Scenario: Create 2 folders A & B. Do a content deployment and verify that it gets into the destination site. Delete folder A and rename B to A. Carry out an incremantal deployment. This fails stating that folder A already exists. I think this is because it is trying to do the rename before doing the deletion at the destination site.

Workaround is to do a incremental deployment before the rename.

Waiting for MS to get the patch for this.


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