AAM example when using Load Balancer

Thought I’d put this out since although there are many posts on this over the Internet I have not found a good example. Knowledge about AAMs are important for any SharePoint administrator

First read this


If all that is to hard to digest and all you have is two servers and one load balancer and you feel that your existance would be justified if people could type in www.iamconfused.com (I made that up) and access the site by hitting one of the two servers that are load balanced then read on.

Here is the scenario.

First I assume that the load balancer is all set up fine (meaning it works). Get your network admin to verify that.

Browse to the Central Admin. Create your webapp on a port other than 80 (Lets say 1234).

Next extend your webapplication to Port 80 and select the zone as Internet. After this is done make sure that all web.config changes and dlls in the bin folder are moved across to the new webapplication folder.

Once this is done ensure that the application is working as expected on port 80 of the machine you are working on meaning if you  type in http://server1 the site loads up fine. Assuming server1 was where central admin is hosted on. If now you type in http://server2 it might redirect back to http://server1 but that’s OK.

Get to the AAM settings page and select http://server1:1234as the webapp

This should be what you see

Internal URL   Zone           Public URL for the zone
http://server1:1234 Default http://server1:1234
http://server1 Internet http://server1

Use the Edit public url and Add internal URL links to change this to

Internal URL Zone Public URL for the zone
http://server1:1234 Default http://server1:1234
http://server1 Internet http://www.iamconfused.com
http://server2 Internet http://www.iamconfused.com
http://www.iamconfused.com Internet  http://www.iamconfused.com

I am too lazy to walk through how to get it like this, however its not too difficult.

And thats all there is to it. Your site will be working fine. Just give it a few minutes; I have noticed even after doing an IIS reset the changes take a bit to come into effect.

BTW If you have not got your AAMs configured correctly, and you browse to http://www.iamconfused.com you might see some links in the page pointing to the server name. If you are behind a firewall which only allows access to the  http://www.iamconfused.com this is one reason why you could get a lot of broken links in the site.



  1. Yuriy · · Reply

    Great article ! Exactly what I needed.

    Have one question so far: why do we need to extend web application on another port? Is it possible to create the same mapping but for the web app on a single port? Does it mean that different zones should have different web apps?

    Thanks much!

    1. You could, but the public URL for the zone needs to be edited. For the default zone you may want to leave it as it is so that you can configure it as the zone to do crawls etc.

  2. Mark Vogt · · Reply

    Greetings Jackson!


    But I wonder – did you forget an additional entry for Server2?
    Shouldn’t there also be one like this:

    Internal URL Zone Public URL for the zone
    http://server2:1234 Default http://server2:1234

    Remember, the web app is on BOTH servers, not just Server1.

    Please let me know if I’m correct, as there are days when (even after 10 yrs as a SharePoint consultant like yourself), I wonder if I know ANYTHING about AAM…

    -Mark Vogt
    SharePoint Consultant & PM mark_vogt@hotmail.com

    1. You would need that only if you need want to access server2 using the URL http://server2:1234.

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