Publishing site – Pages, pages and more pages

There are certain things that you would wish that MOSS could do and we get a thought;”… if only it could do just this as well….”
One instance I had seen of this is regarding publishing pages all getting into the same folder called “Pages” and no where else. Let say I wanted to create news pages and I wanted to classify them into Local News and International news. Now what I would like to do is have two folders under the pages document lib and while publishing a page having an option to choose which folder to put the page into. Alternatively allow me to put the different pages in different doc libraries. This however is not possible and all I can do is create two different sites one for Local News and another for International news. I could have a field which the user would have to choose what the news type is, however a user in the International news section would expect his info to be added directly to the International news section and would mentally curse all developers were if he had to choose the news type while adding.
I am not too fond of creating too many sites; and in this case its like using a site as a folder rather than anything else; since all my International and Local news sites would contain are the pages.

 BTW, I tried creating subfolders under the pages doc lib and after creating a page, moved it to the directory. It worked fine; except when I tried on clicking the page settings button of the page when in edit mode, I get a message stating that the page cannot be found. All other operations seem to work. I am planning to raise this to MS shortly.

Ideas anyone?



  1. MS have now stated that sub folders in publishing page folders are not supported;

  2. jacksonc · · Reply

    Yeah.. isn’t that dissapointing… guess we will just have to keep creating sites eventhough we dont need it,

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